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Realnet investment portfolios will produce your retirement income!

In this economy, the stock market isn’t doing very well. A lot of people are pulling their money out of the stock market because of the failing economy. A Real Estate Investment Portfolio is A great reinvestment place to put that money into.

First time investors often get over excited and buy up a collection of cheap houses for sale without understanding what they’re getting themselves into.

This is where an experienced investment broker like Realnet comes in. Our experts have the knowledge to help you get the ball rolling on starting your real estate investment portfolio.

We can help you focus on establishing what your goals for you investing are, set up a plan to reach those goals, and help guide you to the properties that will best fit your needs. Our agents can answer all of your questions, and will show you the best properties.

Once you’ve bought your first property, it’s time to take care of any necessary repairs, renovations and maintenance. We have many builders and contractors that we work with that can get the work done quickly and efficiently; after all, we want to help you turn a profit as soon as possible!

If your plan involves using the property for rental income, Realnet can help with that as well. Being a landlord involves a lot of small tasks that can often become large headaches, especially once you own a large investment portfolio. Realnet’sproperty management group can help find and screen tenants, handle repairs and deal with all of the small responsibilities involved in being a landlord.

Real estate investment is a great choice for new investors as well as for those who want a more stable alternative to the stock market. Realnet of Tampa Bay can get you on the right track to success!


The New Market

I decided to write this market update because I feel that the market has changed so fast, it’s almost as if a light switch has been turned on. My concern is that the general community does not understand how massive the change we have experienced this year is. Six months ago, properties took much longer to sell. Sellers needed to market properties for several months before they would expect to find a potential buyer and even then getting buyer financing was a hefty challenge. Around February, we saw more and more people coming to understand that not only were the real estate hedge funds coming to Florida and buying up large amounts of single-family real estate, but the hedge funds clearly had no intention of slowing down.

It is remarkable how our Central Florida market went from 0 to 60 in just a few months’ time. Every day, I talk to families and friends who want to buy homes and hear stories about how they are looking for a home priced from $100,000 to $250,000, and they literally cannot find any available homes for sale. The hedge funds have invested in as many of the single-family residences as they possibly can, and there seems to be no sign of them slowing down. The result is individuals and families trying to buy houses to live in have becoming very frustrated. Everyone is telling me the same thing. They’re making multiple offers on multiple properties and they’re making these offers the first day houses become available on the MLS.

The results are all the same as well, they’re being outbid by cash offers from hedge funds…AND other owner-occupant buyers.The best advice I can give to anyone trying to buy real estate right now is that the days of the lowball offers are over. Six to twelve months ago, sellers were listing properties but not getting any offers, and offers they did yet we’re low balls.  In order to buy a house now, a buyer or investor needs to have cash lined up, or have their financing lined up with a very strong preapproval letter.  On top of that, they will need to offer the asking price or very close to the asking price in order to be considered a serious offer by the seller.

We are back to a seller’s market people! There is no telling how long this will last, and it feels similar to the bubble of 2002. Right now, if you want to buy a house, you need to be prepared to PAY!  Making lowball offers or trying to use creative investor financing with sellers will not result in any property acquisition. I’m definitely not a believer in real estate bubbles, and I, too, question how long this current market will last. The only thing I know is if you want to invest in real estate right now, you are going to pay!



Realnet Tampa Bay

What happend to all the Cheap Houses?


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A lot of people are asking themselves, what happened to all the cheap houses. Florida’s real estate market has changed so fast in the past six months, it’s hard to believe. The past few years properties have been selling for well below value. Some houses were selling for less than half of the cost to build them. We knew that it was certainly too good to be true and could not last for long. I had a lunch meeting with an attorney friend of mine and he agreed that this is literally a once-in-a-lifetime buying experience. A lot of smart investors, that have been around a long time, are buying as many properties as they can. They bought these properties as long-term holds and are currently renting the houses out. As the market continues to appreciate, they will start to list these houses and sell them as retail listings.

The past few months hedge funds have overtaken Florida buying up literally thousands of houses. When the news broke in the St. Pete Times that Blackstone was buying investment properties, it really got everyone talking. Since then as many as 10 other hedge funds are currently acquiring houses in Tampa Bay. I’ve spoken with their acquisition teams who say they are under a lot of pressure to acquire as many houses as possible. This has caused a massive increase in demand for investment properties under $120,000. As the supply of houses under $120,000 started to dry up, we saw hedge funds buying houses up to $250,000. The market still has plenty of houses available and because we have 13 year long-standing relationships with banks that have foreclosures for sale, as well as realtors who list a lot of investment type properties, our acquisition team is strong and we are buying upwards of 20 houses every month.

There’s no doubt that in another year a lot of real estate investors and/or potential real estate investors will be kicking themselves. They will be saying “I wish I had bought those cheap houses in 2013.” The houses are still selling at a price where they can rent and the owner/investor will receive positive cash flow. I’ve been saying this for years; “People should start buying properties now and let Realnet Property Management handle their investment portfolios. Now more than ever is absolutely the time to buy!” I would recommend to anyone to take their money out of their stocks and mutual funds to convert the retirement accounts to a self-directed IRA. They should be buying as many rental properties as they possibly can. Realnet Property Management, a 10-year-old management company, run by my brother Jon can handle these properties for our investors and make them truly hands-off investments.

I’ve also heard people say “it’s impossible to buy cheap houses as rental properties now because the hedge funds are buying everything up”. This is not true! We have such long-standing relationships with banks and Realtors that despite hedge funds, that we find wholesale investment properties and we are buying them each and every month. The hedge funds are not able to get better service, properties, or inside information than we are. Right now if I was a real estate investor who has identified that the market is strong and this is a good time to be buy, I would go and talk to one of the Realnet experts and look at some past success stories. There are so many people who bought rental properties from us that are now reaping the benefits. It would be a great idea to look at some of these past investment plans to help you understand how simple it really is to buy investment properties and hold onto them. Real estate is a tangible asset! It’s not like the stock market that can fluctuate so much in just day’s time. We primarily sell concrete block houses that only need cosmetic rehab, these houses will stand strong for many years to come.Image

Tampa, Fl – Where houses are cheaper than cars!


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house cheaper than car house cheaper than car

The Tampa, Florida real estate market currently provides excellent investment opportunities for individuals who are looking to purchase real estate for rental. Realnet connects investors with bank foreclosure real estate and Cheap Houses that will generate cash flow. We understand the importance of earning a high return on investment properties.

Individuals looking for information about how to real estate often find information pointing them toward the purchase of bank foreclosures. Realnet will help you find cash flow properties to build your portfolio and to make you money. Every month, we help people just like you find real estate for less than you might pay for a car!

If you are serious about making money and want to buy Cheap Houses that you can rent, then Tampa, Florida is the right market for you. Investment Properties are not all created equal. Your business thrives on revenue. You need cash flow properties that make you money from day one. At Realnet, we know how important it is for investors to find cheap houses fast.

Right now, the market in Tampa is ripe for investors. Housing prices are at a twenty year low. We are here to help investors take full advantage of this excellent opportunity to find Cheap Houses in what is definitely a market where housing values will increase in the near future.

A Realnet Associate can help you find the right Investment Properties at the right price. Many investors try to attend foreclosure auctions and other events, which do work for some people. However, working with Realnet means that you are not competing with hundreds of other interested buyers. We can show you properties immediately when they become available.

You will never get into a bidding war with Realnet. You will work with an Associate who understands the investment business and who appreciates the value of Cheap Houses to someone looking to invest in cash flow properties.

Whether you are a new or experienced real estate investor, Realnet definitely can help you to build your assets in the Tampa area. When you purchase Cheap Houses through us, you are going to pay pennies on the dollar and you are going to make money fast. Remember that Realnet is known for selling houses that are cheaper than cars!

Don’t work with just any company that promises you Cheap Houses for purchase and don’t lose money at a foreclosure auction. Trust the experts and let us find the rental Investment Properties that you need to generate revenue and grow your business.

Chinese Real Estate Buyers Looking to Invest in the US


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A great amount of cash from Chinese buyers continues to pour into the United States real estate properties.  Multi million dollars are paid for luxury homes and hotels on the West and the East Coasts with the major cities like New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco being the favorite places.  Mainland China real estate buyers have been snapping up high-priced commercial buildings in the Manhattan area.


Canada is on the lead as the largest foreign buyer of homes in the US.  China follows behind, with $7.4 billion in total sales in the past year.  This figure is 24% higher than the sales in the previous 12 months, according to a report by the National Association of Realtors.  With regards to commercial properties, the Chinese buyers also paid $1.71 billion in 2011, which is more than 4 times the amount they invested about 3 years back.


The majority of Chinese buyers want to buy US properties because they want their children to be educated in the United States; or they want to do business in the region, or for purposes of immigration.  A smaller portion, about 40%, wants to own properties as their investment.  A Chinese couple buying a Versailles style mansion for $34.5 million made news last month.  The property is in Sunset Boulevard, Beverly Hills, California. Only 6 months ago, full-floor, high rise apartments worth $50 million each, were sold to Chinese buyers.


However, only just recently, these buyers from Mainland China and Hong Kong are starting to look beyond their previous targets which are prime locations like San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York.  They are beginning to get attracted by the Florida real estate.  It is obvious that their fall perception about Florida not a safe state have changed.  The Chinese loved to watch the TV program CSI: Miami, or Miami Vice. Homes in a golf community in Fort Myers, Florida are selling fast to the Chinese.  The houses are sized at about 2,500 sq. ft. and are completely decorated.  The prices are less than $250,000 which the Chinese consider as very low.  There is also great inventory.


  1. Some Chinese buyers who have children want a place near good public schools.  They buy in various places in Florida, such as Fort Myers, Tampa Bay and Miami, and in California such as Del Mar, Scripps, Carmel Valley, and Racho Bernardo.  Others do not have plans of moving to the US, but want to look for properties that can give them above average profitable investment opportunities.  They are coming to the US by the dozens, and look for foreclosed homes.  Their purpose is to buy distressed or run down properties, make improvements on them, and then sell for profit.  Chinese investors want to have a profit margin from 10 per cent up to 12 per cent, and want to make a sale 4 to 5 months from date of purchase.


With Florida real estate prices starting to show improvement, this is a great time for the Chinese real estate buyers to go down to Florida, take a look, and make their purchases.

Investing in Real Estate – Find a Diamond in the Rough


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The scale and the magnitude of real estate investment have drastically changed in the past 10 years. Today the opportunity to invest is an option for a successful business opportunity because Real Estate prices have hit the bottom. Knowing how to invest in real estate can be a very successful business venture if you know what you are doing, or if you have a Realnet Associate showing you the way.

Houses are sold for a number of reasons. The owner needs money fast, the mortgage on the house is underwater, or the owners are forced to move. Knowing which house to buy, how to assess its value and how much to negotiate is key in insuring that you will be profitable at the end of the venture. So, first things first, you will need to pay close attention to a few important factors that are very important in real estate investment.

Rule number one – the land that you’re buying may be even more valuable than the construction on top of it. Some houses simply cannot be rehabbed to their original condition under a reasonable budget. You must not only consider the house itself, but also pay attention to the after repair value of the house on the land it sits on.

In order to know how to invest in real estate you first need to know the area where you are investing. Not being aware of the value of property in an area can lead to costly miscalculation regarding how much you spend or how much less you sell the property for. Each of those stats has a negative impact on the amount of profits you gain in the end, so, making sure that you know your investment area is essential.

Other than that, knowing when to distinguish a great deal from a lemon is also crucial when you learn how to invest in real estate. Always be aware that what you see is not always what you get.  You will come across houses that may have hidden damage (such as termites) hidden from visibility.  Whenever in doubt use an inspector to determine the condition of a house, an appraiser to determine the after repair value of a house. Sometimes something as simple as a tree leaning over a house can depreciate that particular property considerably, so it always pays to know the general story as well as the specifics of a construction.

The Time to Invest in Real Estate Is Now


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the time to invest is now the time to invest is now

The US national housing crisis is beginning to come to an end.  Home prices in Tampa Bay, Florida are increasing much faster than predicted during the first quarter of 2012, and they are seeing improvement more than the other regions of the country.  According to Clear Capital, a housing valuation and analytics company based in California, there is about an 8% increase in home prices in Tampa Bay since last year, making it number 6 in the country in terms of improvement in predicted prices.

The fact that the Florida real estate market is topping the list of foreign investors should not be a surprise.  The state was hardly hit by falling values and foreclosures when the real estate market crashed.  However, the region saw gains for 2012.  Please note this, in January, 2011, single family homes median prices fell to $110,000, but rose up to $120,900 in May, and to $130,000 in August.  The next several month’s prices bounced up and down, but did not drop below the May prices.

The total amount of Tampa Bay real estate for sale is now at a level that has not been seen for many years.  There is about a 6-month supply of houses for sale, and to sell the entire inventory on the market, it takes about a month.  One more thing, the market is no longer dominated by foreclosure sales.  Homeowners are selling their homes as short sales, because it commands higher prices than foreclosed properties.  Foreclosed homes are becoming fewer in the Tampa Bay market, so if you are investing in the area, it will not take long before you find it difficult to find properties at bargain prices

The state of Florida is the favorite of international buyers.  A report ending March, 2012 by the National Association of Realtors say that Florida tallied 26% of international sales in the US.  It has become a destination that is growing fast, because it has been popular with real estate buyers for so long.  The state has international appeal to investors from Canada, China, the UK, and other Asian and Western countries.  People from these places like Florida for its proximity and the beaches and sun.  Florida can be easily reached by from both Europe, South America, and North America.

The real estate industry is no longer a local market.  Today you can invest globally.  You can find smart investments all over the world, especially in Tampa Bay, Florida where the housing market is stabilizing.  The worst days of Tampa real estate are over, and prices are rising.  Now is the time to buy while you can still expect big gains in the 2nd half of the year. Now is the right time to increase your holdings in real estate.

Whether you invest in one property or multiple properties, the fact that you are residing outside of the US can be overwhelming for you.  There are details of acquiring, fixing up, getting the properties up for rent, and maintaining your properties.  The professionals at Realnet are an acquisition and Property Management team that can help you through the process of selecting, buying and taking care of managing your property and tenants for you. Call us now and let us know how we can be of help.             (813)345-4158

Investment Properties-Find Yourself a Money Maker!


Outdated houses, duplexes, multi-family units and mobile homes can all be profitable Investment Properties and they provide opportunities for successful investments. However, especially for rookie investors, knowing what the best strategy is when deciding to buy is essential for making money!  The real estate market is always changing, there are always opportunities to make money, but you need to stay ahead of the game. For new investors the best way to invest in real estate is to take it one step at a time – use quality instead of quantity and also be opportunistic.

The houses are as important as the land that they stand on when it comes to Investment Properties. As always, keeping an eye on the entire project and on the whole neighborhood that will yield the best results and the best possible investment. In some cases, the value of a particular piece of land may exceed that of the house that sits on it. This is always a situation where defining your strategy and your investment objectives can play a very important role. Unless you have a budget to re-build from the ground up or you’re interested in selling land itself, you’d better avoid those particular cases.

The Investment Properties that yield the best returns are those that houses that need only cosmetic repairs, are well within your acquisition budget and will sell for a profit after the repairs/modifications that you make. Always look for the properties that sell well below the price in the area especially if you need to make substantial repairs. The best way to do successful business is to always do your homework, never rush into buying a house. When it comes to property the objective is staying focused on profits and not over improving the house.

Another rule of thumb to always keep in the back of your mind and follow is paying attention to the details of the property that you’re interested in. Overall a properly does indeed vary in terms of price depending to its location but certain factors can increase or decrease it’s value a lot. Small things such as former tenants, condition of HVAC, plumbing, school districts or run down houses on the same street need to be taken into consideration. Knowing the value of what you are dealing with and knowing as much as possible about the larger picture as well as the details of the transaction. It’s the only way to be prepared and successful.  Realnet’s Investment Specialist are experienced and versed in the acquisition and sale of these properties.  Get to know us and let our experience help you choose the right properties.  Call today!             (813)345-4158      .

Cheap houses for sale


There has always been money making opportunities buying Cheap Houses for sale but like any other investment it has its own risks and it requires its own set of skills in order to make the best judgments and to lead to positive results. There are money making opportunities in every price range, especially when the houses themselves are located in remote or otherwise less prominent locations. However, knowing where and when to invest is the key factor that leads to a successful investment and subsequently to financial gains.

Not all of the cheap houses for sale are up for sale because they are in a less desirable location or lacking desirable features. Some of them are sold cheaply only because there is an urgent need of money from the part of the owner, or the property has been foreclosed on. Sometimes banks have to place a house up for auction to recover some of their losses regarding a mortgage or payment that were not fulfilled by the individual who lost the house.

Therefore, if you intend to be a successful investor who buys cheap houses for sale you have to know when and where to look.  Realnet’s Investment Real Estate Experts make this process easy!  Sometimes property that sells below market value is hard to find. If you combine that with the necessary investment in repairs, remodeling, the margin for profit can be drastically improved if when you choose the right investment strategy.

The most attractive Cheap Houses from the point of view of an investor are those properties that will sell fast for a substantial profit. They may not be in top notch condition when you buy them, but are located in a good area. In terms of age, this criterion may vary dramatically. With that said, if the materials used in the underlying construction of the house are meant to age well, such as concrete block, brick, a solid foundation built into the ground, the house can last for a longer period of time. Alternatively, wood frame construction may not be as solid and the damage due to termite, wood destroying insects and environmental conditions such as water/humidity may cause irreversible damage that would leave no option but to tear down the house.  These houses are still good investment opportunities if there is value in the land.  A new build in a great area can make for a profitable investment.

Overall, the business of investing in cheap houses for sale is a great opportunity for an investor at any stage of the game.  Your Realnet Investment Specialist can help you safely build a custom portfolio that will make you money for years to come!  Call Realnet today (813)345-4158

How to Invest In Tampa Real Estate


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Tampa Bay, Florida.  When you hear the name, what comes to your mind is the people’s good quality of life, fabulous weather and a place you can call home. Moreover, investors from around the world find Tampa Bay a great place to buy investment properties.  We have a great location, accessible to all tourist attractions like the Disney Parks and Busch Gardens, and some of the top ranked beaches in the world.  Our real estate market is appreciating well above expert’s projections .

The rapid growth of Tampa real estate has offered opportunities for people wanting to buy investment properties all throughout Florida particularly the Tampa Bay area.  There are many cheap houses for sale here which you can buy at low prices, give some fixing and then resell for profit or rent out for double digit cap rates!  Many of our investments are foreclosure properties, if you are looking for an alternative to the stock market, that make great investments.

Tampa Bay, Florida has cheap houses for sale that you may want to rent out or sell, apartment buildings for multi-family living, industrial buildings, office buildings, warehouses, and other commercial investment properties.  Because many people consider investing in real estate a large purchase, you might find buying a property a bit scary.  Now what you want, of course is to make your home buying process much easier and more profitable.  This is where the Realnet staff of Investment Specialist Realtors can help you.

Besides our expert insights about investment properties in Tampa Bay, our exclusive listings and other services, we at Realnet also offer you our property management services.  Our goal is to boost your ROI, or return on investment and keep your maintenance costs to a minimum.  It is not a secret what benefits you get when you buy investment properties in Tampa.  Thousands of foreign investors buy properties in Florida, and what’s at the top of their list is Tampa Bay area.  So whether you live across the country, anywhere in the world, or within Tampa, our team can offer you the following services:

–          Help you buy investment property at  50 cents on the dollar
–          Refer you to General Contractors who repair and maintain your investment property
–          Sell the property for you
–          If the property is for rent, we screen and place tenants
–          Collect rent
–          Oversee maintenance
–          Refer you to reputable title service companies.

When you invest in Tampa real estate, you invest both time and money.  Investment properties such as residential homes for rent or for sale, and vacation homes can call for special efforts from investors.  Extra efforts are needed with respect to contracts, title services, finding and keeping tenants, property maintenance, and even in evicting tenants, if needed.  However with the services offered by the Realnet team, you are assured of a profitable real estate investment.  Get in touch with us today and start having peace of mind because you put your investment in the hands of professional, experienced and caring Real Estate Investment team.  Call today (813)345-4158